Roadtrip – The world’s most dangerous road – Pangi via Kishtwar

On 1st November, we started our journey from Shimla to the remote Pangi valley in Chamba.


The usual route via Saach pass was closed for the season, so we had to take the more longer and more dangerous route via Kishtwar, Jammu and Kashmir.

There is a 6km patch near Tyari that is so dangerous and rough, that you can’t take a small car on it. It is so narrow that no busses and trucks drive on this road. The road after Tyari is so rough, that it took us 4 hours to cover the last 30kms.

Despite the dangerous patch the road crosses through some of the most untouched and beautiful parts of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal.

Day 1 – We drove from Shimla to Kihar in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh.

Day 2 – We started early and reached Killar via the most dangerous road we ever drove through.

Day 3 – Drove to the village Hudan Bhatori at 3400m.

Day 4 – It started snowing in Pangi so we drove back via Pangi to Doda.

Day 5 – We started back to Chamba, but Padri jot was blocked by 2ft of snow. So we talked the JCB people of PWD to clear the road for us.

Have a look!

Car – Renault Duster
Driver – Munish Sharma

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